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Jeffrey Allan Executive Search is a national and international recruiting firm that has built a reputation for integrity and professionalism since 1989.

Announcing why major companies across the country are selecting The Jeffrey Allan Executive Search as their preferred search Firm.

Be first as a company or candidate to discover new opportunities!

About Us


The Jeffrey Allan Executive Search is a leading Executive Search Firm.  Inspired by the expressed purpose of placing high-quality personnel in businesses, we provide outstanding employees in a variety of occupations according to our clients' specific requirements.

The Jeffrey Allan Executive Search has remained the search firm of choice for clients seeking focused, individualized, professional attention to detail and quality satisfaction of personnel needs.

You would expect demonstrated results and "world class" talent from our executive search teams!

Our clients find The Jeffrey Allan Executive Search's placement counselors absolutely dedicated to providing them with only those individuals who match their standards of quality. Because of our placement counselors' extensive experience and superior training, the agency enjoys an unparalleled reputation for finding the right person for every position.

Achievement makes us second to none in delivering superior candidates whose personal qualities are compatible with the dynamics of a client firm or company.

The Jeffrey Allan Executive Search is committed to quality and service.  Persistence plus our ability to respond to the unique needs of our clients.   


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